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You can imagine that the largest city in the US has quite a few rooftop bars. You can also likely imagine that some of those rooftop bars are pretty high up, giving you spectacular views of the New York City skyline. How many of these bars do you think are in NYC? The number would probably blow you away, but let’s view the best ones so that you know exactly where to go.

The roof at Park South is certainly one of the best spots. Real estate in NYC comes at a premium, and so the location of this place is really something else. It is found at South Hotel, which is, of course, part of Gramercy Park. Enjoy quality drinks, entertainment center provided by a DJ, pools and perhaps the best rooftop bar location in New York City via Roof at Park South.

This next place is really special, as you get to take indirect views of the Empire State Building. Have you heard of The Strand? It is a very popular hotel, and Top of the Strand is its rooftop bar. It is on the 21st floor of The Strand, and the views are quite magnificent. In case of rain, there are cabanas that can be reserved that keep you out of the elements but still enjoying the views.

Westlight is the next rooftop bar in New York City. It is part of the William Vale Hotel, and it is on the 22nd floor. This rooftop bar is said to have it all. It really pays to know where to go in NYC when it comes to the best rooftop bars and the best views. Sure, there are still other top choices out there, too, but you can’t go wrong with these popular establishments.