Contemporary Internal Doors

Contemporary interior doors can provide your house with some very beautiful modern touches and enhance the overall interior design of your home. There are also a number of different decorative options that you can add to your high quality interior doors to enhance your decor even further. In this article, Portfolio Doors suggest some of the most beautiful and interesting options that are currently available.

Metallic Inlays

Intriguing and subtle, metal strips that are built into interior doors can give you a warm contemporary look. There are different options available that can give you a unique feel. Stainless steel inlays can provide you with a sleek looking design, while cooper will give you a more classic and warmer appearance that over time will naturally transition int different hues and give your space a truly organic feeling.

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Floating Panels

Interior door designs that come with glass inserts offer plenty of opportunities to convey a feeling of openness and allow plenty of natural light into your home. It can add a sense of intrigue and mystery as well. Wooden panels with metal accents can be used to add visual texture, and visitors will be mesmerized by the visual shapes that appear to float in the glass and defy gravity.

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Wood Species

An array of various complementary wood species, like cherry, walnut and mahogany can be used to create a unique style and offers striking and warm geometric designs. Contemporary interior doors are available in many different types of woods that have striking grain patterns along with premium and rich finishes that enable the homeowner to choose combinations that are a reflection of their own personal style. Contemporary doors can either be contrasted or matched to woodwork, furniture or cabinets to provide any room in your home with a cohesive and modern look while still remaining true to the original design of your home and enhancing your decor no matter what decorative style you choose.

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Glass Options

Any door can be easily customized with decorative glass options. They can introduce optical effects that are quite stunning that truly dazzle the eye. There are many different glass options that are available, including ripple glass, which resembles a pebble dropping into a clear, crisp lake; Reed and Weave glass, where geometric patterns are introduced in true modern architectural fashion; and frosted glass which conveys a clean and classic appearance.