How To Monitor Your Own Mac Computer With Elite Keylogger Software

elite keylogger review

Taking your kids ‘ Macbook isn’t an appropriate option if your goal is to keep an eye on their social pursuits. That’s simply bothering someone’s personal space. Fortunately, Elite keylogger to get MAC matches for your job. It features excellent tools to keep an eye on such Mac online.

What’s Elite Keylogger?

It is a PC tracking software that provides a simple, easy to-utilize user interface available for Mac. Installing it only takes a minute or two, and prompts the users to put in it in both visible or invisible mode. Visible style is where a background shortcut and login alarms are exhibited during tracking activities. By comparison, in hidden mode, Elite Keylogger is hidden in the background. This program operates in stealth inside this mode so that a person doesn’t understand if he/she’s being monitored or not.

Though exclusive features are listed in the premium version of parental management software for Mac along with Windows, free trial will be not any less. With features like clipboard capturing, website tracking, key shop logging and many others available in the free version, one couldn’t ask for more.


Once you download, you will observe that two warning screens popped up on your own homepage.

The first one suggests that the Keylogger is invisible. However note that antiviruses can spot Elite Keylogger, therefore it is far better to close off all of the software and antiviruses while installing it.

Keylogger is popular for recording computer keyboard strokes and subtle elements which can later be looked at in the accounts section. It takes screenshots and catches both sides of the second messaging dialog for more details. The owner possibly notice details by using the observed devices as the application has a easy to-explore user interface. As a matter of course, the reports include Screenshots, Internet Activity, Keystroke Reports Software History, E-mail, Passwords, Clipboard, and also printed archives. Not just this, it is possible to find the nitty gritty when you click any of the specified features.

On the next screen, you can make decision about creating a System Restore Point. You’ve got the alternative to not make it copying the comparing checkbox, however it’s better to make one while installing the program. It has another attribute called “Programmed uninstallation” alternative, which allows you to pay a date to the expulsion of Elite Keylogger from your gadget.


Users can rapidly alter the resolution quality and the frequency of the screenshot. Additionally, you can monitor the entire screen and defines the system login passwords which is normally alluring for analytic purpose afterwards. You’re able to examine the typical elements of Keylogger, by way of example, clipboard content and logging of keyboards. In any case, it can store began applications, system logon time, along with archives printed.

Elite Keylogger logs to the visited URLs once the platform is linked to the web to monitor the incoming and outgoing emails. A record is made daily for its customers to send it to the Admin by emails, FTP, pen drives, along with LAN.


This computer software is an astounding tracking tool for anyone who needs to monitor PC and internet utilization of controlled PCs. Despite lacking in blocking and separating capacities, the product still is the very best among the cost range it’s supplied in. Check here for more info about the cost!

Do discuss your contemplation should you would like to use Elite Keylogger on your PCs in your home or in the office for any suspicious move.